Musta Paraati - Taas viime yönä 1984


It’s Autopsy Time. Grab The Tools From The Shed Part 2
Even more photos from the autopsy toolshed! Looks like some sort of backyard operation they got going on there! Makes you want to be cremated! 

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joylesseuphoria asked:
Androdinous boy pussy.

turn onnnnn


Everyones reblogging Mccoy’s photos from last nights HOAX show, heres the video. Im the guy with the fluffy ponytail/funkadelic shirt. Really good show, Spiffy and Kenn Kroosafix were there too. My favorite nerds!! Thanks again for the booze kenn. Not goth, sue me.  

Fuckin everyone loves spelling my name with an x.  But you’re welcome, bro.  Me booze-o es your booze-o.  Robin tanked a lot of it.
I’m the dude with yellow hair, the vest with the coyote face on the back, bauhaus shirt, and plastic pants.


The cockatoo, nature’s deathrocker, loves chocolate.

reblog if you are a 90s , kawaii or punk blog i want to follow you


and by follow I mean murder

I’m a punk(slash-personal bitching and random silly shit) blog and would like to be murdered.

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Long hair... Turn on or off?

I’m kinda neutral, long hair doesn’t turn me on, but it doesn’t turn me off.  BUT I do have an opinion about long hair.  Occasionally, long hair tends to end up in my mouth from breathing while spooning, which is why I’ve finally adapted to make it so spooning is no longer my go-to for cuddling.  

The “turn-off” “turn-on” game. Ask me anything and I will answer if it is a turn off or turn on.